Celebrity Parents Magazine Interview

Celebrity Parents is an online weekly celebrity lifestyle magazine. Luxurious yet accessible, Celebrity Parents’ mission is to report on the best and latest in the celebrity and parenting markets. The magazine provides fresh, daily content to readers featuring exclusive celebrity interviews and photo shoots with some of today’s top celebrities.

The magazine strictly adheres to the highest standards in professional journalism and the stories are unbiased and fact-based; they do not report on rumors, gossip or scandals. All of the content — from the interviews published to the products featured — are carefully chosen to ensure the satisfaction of the upscale, intelligent and sophisticated demographic.

Celebrity Parents Magazine believes that whether a celebrity or not, the art of parenting is universal. Through  feel-good, inspirational stories, the hope is that readers find themselves in the stories they read. Celebrity Parents prides themselves in being accessible to  readers in order to create a go-to magazine that customers absolutely love. Ultimately, Celebrity Parents is a magazine by and for parents everywhere.

Here the link to a story about my product, Safe2Go Harness Backpack for toddlers:



Nancy Vardalos Ginakes


Safe2Go Harness Backpack

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