Spring & Summer Safety Tips For Children

Spring and summer means many outdoor activities in public places. These events are so much fun for families, but when attending, be proactive and have a safety plan in place in the event that you and your kids become separated.

When arriving at an event, come up with a meeting place. Choosing a spot next to a landmark or tall tree will help children remember the location should they become lost. Point out individuals such as security and event staff. If you are caring for a number of children be sure they know about and use the buddy system. Assign each child a buddy and advise them not to leave or wander without their buddy.

For those with cell phones,it is important that the children have the number memorized. It should be programmed to ring and vibrate and held by the adult so that a vibration is felt should it be too loud for the ring tone to be heard when attending noisy events.

Regardless of a child’s age , there are numerous safety strategies that can help you keep your kids safe.

The Safe2Go Backpack and Harness was designed with these circumstances in mind. Here’s wishing you a safe and healthy summer!

Nancy Vardalos Ginakes

Designer, Safe2Go Backpacks for Toddlers

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