Years ago, faced with the prospect of taking my three toddlers out in public, I began searching for a safety product that would preserve their dignity while offering me the peace of mind that they couldn’t wander off. Because I couldn’t find a safety harness that seemed appropriate, I decided to design a cute little backpack that would disguise the harness.

When my children and I would head out in public, the backpack drew a lot of interest and praise. I realized that other parents would benefit from this product too. With a degree in Textile Sciences I decided to develop, manufacture and market the Safe2Go, now available in eighteen designs and Baby Sherpa is the world wide distributor.

As founder of Kinsight Ltd., I am committed to child safety and to assisting concerned parents keep their “kin in sight”. As for the toddlers who were the inspiration behind the Safe2Go, they’re now young adults who are never in sight!

Nancy Vardalos Ginakes, B.H.Ecol. (Tex.Sc.)

Founder, CEO, Kinsight Ltd.