A philanthropist is one who shows goodwill in an act of deliberate generosity. These are philanthropic organizations whose work I admire.


My sister, actress & writer Nia Vardalos & husband, Ian Gomez worked with these two agencies in their quest to adopt a child.  Nia is now an advocate for domestic adoption and was named the National Adoption Day Spokesperson.  See full article.


Many years ago, my husband and I became sponsors for a little girl in India. Our own children refer to her as their sister and have fund-raised with summertime “Lemon-AID” stands and school initiatives at Christmas time. They have also done the “30 Hour Famine” aimed at teenagers.


During my work with the YWCA Women of Distinction Awards I became aware of the inspiring Roz Prober who founded and runs this grassroots organization right here in my city. Beyond Borders has joined ECPAT International in the global fight to advance the rights of children to be free of all forms of sexual exploitation. I now serve on the Board of Directors and am honoured to be a child advocate!


The Ginakes family has had strong affiliations with the Rehabilitation Center for Children through many fund-raising events over the years. We continue to support this wonderful Winnipeg Clinic that creates joy in the lives of children by increasing the quality of their lives at every stage of development.