Safe2Go Spotted at the Zoo!

It’s the May long weekend in Canada when we really start to believe that Spring is here and that summer is just around the corner. Many families enjoy cleaning out their garages, doing yardwork  spending time outdoors. It’s so tempting to do nothing and just go for a bike-ride or for a walk to breath the fresh air and get a dose of Vit. D from the sun.

Today I took a walk through Assiniboine Park and then the Winnipeg Zoo. It had been a long time , perhaps three years since I had been there. Now that my children are teens I find I don’t visit the Zoo which doesn’t make sense. It was wonderful to wander around to see all of the animals playing outside celebrating the season change just like humans.

 I reflected on the many visits I made there when my kids were so small. The really cool thing is that I saw two siblings wearing my Safe2Go Backpacks walking with their parents. It was so strange to see that right at a moment that I was reflecting about my own children. I designed these backpacks when my kids were small as the three of them were a year and a half apart. It was when I would take them to public places that I felt vunerable one might wander off. I designed these backpacks with the built in harness as a dignified alternative to the harnesses that were on the market at the time.

What began as an idea to fufill a need that I had as a mother with three little ones has developed into a Business selling sixteen different Safe2Go Backpack designs. Please visit all pages of my web-site to see the design that appeals to you or your little one. I would love to hear from you to know how you enjoy using the Safe2Go Backpack with the harness disguised within the design. We enjoy receiving customer feedback as we make design changes based on what we hear from our customers.

Thanks so much,

Nancy Vardalos Ginakes

Designer Safe2Go Backpack Harness for Toddlers

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