Getting Results: Protecting Children

In 1996, Rosalind Prober along with children’s rights lawyer Mark Hecht created  Beyond Borders, an organization which has become Canada’s voice against sexual exploitation of children. They are a part of ECPAT the global entity promoting these issues worldwide.

Beyond Borders has created Cybertip which is Canada’s hotline to report on-line sexual exploitation of children. They have also intervened in numerous court cases with a probono team of lawyers. One great accomplishment is that Beyond Borders has helped raise the legal age of consent in Canada.

Their work has just begun and more people are needed to get involved in this issue. On November 19th, in Winnipeg, Canada, Beyond Borders is hosting  the 8th  Annual Media Awards to honour journalists from across the country for their outstanding coverage of child exploitation. These journalists have what it takes to get these important but difficult stories into the media.

A world wide solution starts with each of us. Get involved wherever you are to end child exploitation around the globe.

Nancy Vardalos Ginakes

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